Yoga & Exercise: Are they the same or different?

Nadia Wong Yoga

People say they do yoga for exercise. I do both Yoga AND exercise. I don’t class them as the same thing. It’s all about a balanced lifestyle. From being an avid Yogi and Gym Junkie I can safely say the results from both Yoga and training in the Gym are completely different but regardless both so so beneficial.

Since last September when I began Yoga Teacher Training I have been going through a battle between training and Yoga. I’ve been on the fence, dumbbells on one side and my yoga mat on the other.  Since then I have been going through a constant battle with myself. I need to make sure I do a bit of self practice Yoga every day so that I can be a good example to my future students and be a professional Yoga Teacher by the end of the YTT course. However, having the mind and…

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