Why IS Savasana The Hardest Pose?


‘What is Savasana?’ Savasana translated from Sanskrit means Corpse pose. It is the stage that all of your practice has led up to. In Savasana you lie on your mat and feel the effect that your practice has had on your body. For many people this is one of the most challenging poses in Yoga Practice.

When we think Savasana we think “ooh my favorite, I don’t have to work anymore I get to lie down and relax!” However, this is not the case with most of us. It isn’t easy being left alone with the treasure chest of thoughts that we usually choose to ignore, which our minds hold for us ready to push forward for acknowledgement.

When are we ever really left alone with our thoughts? There is always something on, tv in the background, music playing, phone in hand. Very rarely do we have time to be silent.

Savasana is the rare occasion when we lie there to be alone with pure focus on ourselves. No distractions. One of the most difficult things for most people to do and I can put my hand up and say I am one of them.

From my own experience, I can’t count how many times I have had to hold back tears in the middle of a full Yoga class during Savasana. The whole experience can be so overwhelming. You could have had a great day yet you find yourself after a long vigorous practice lying down to relax, welling up with tears and not even knowing why?

This is the beauty and the power of the pose.


Through self practice I have learned that acceptance is the key to enjoying Savasana. The first couple of times I became overwhelmed with emotions after coming into Savasana during my home practice, I would get up straight away, roll up my mat and get on with my day.

After learning from one of my teachers during Yoga Teacher Training I decided to test myself by just lying there and letting it happen.

Now, I just lie there and embrace the emotions that come over me. Just let it happen. Accept whatever thoughts come into your head and then move on, hone in on your awareness of the body. Focusing on the air coming in and out of your lungs and feeling your ribcage expand through each inhale and relax through each exhale. The relaxation will take over and hopefully you will experience the feeling of gratitude and contentment that I feel when I hit relaxation after working the body hard.

In Savasana whenever you feel emotional or fidgety and restless, just feel the heat and the tingling energy flowing around your body and releasing after practice. Focus on your breath and allow yourself that space to relax. The more we accept and embrace the experience, the more we can enjoy those quiet moments.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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