Positive Thoughts & Being Your Own Priority

Getting your priorities right is something everyone struggles with on a daily basis. Being stuck in tunnel vision mode is the number one culprit.

Nothing seems to be going right, it feels like the whole world is swallowing you up into a black hole and you’re making babies cry with your sour face, you have no place to go but deeper into the dark.

Take a step back and open your eyes, analyze the situation from a clearer perspective. Something many of us struggle to do. You will be surprised, there are people in worse situations than you.


At the end of the day your number one priority should be you. And no that’s not called being selfish. How can you give your all to others when you have been so hard on yourself that you have nothing left to give?

Yes I’m preaching here like I’m the expert but I struggle with this myself all of the time. I give and give to other people until I have nothing left and then when I have nothing left I am really hard on myself because I feel I haven’t done enough. A downward spiral of negativity.

The healthier in mind and body you are the better you feel over all and the more you can enjoy life. How do I know this? Because I get on my mat at the end of each day, lie down, close my eyes in Savasana and reflect on everything that happened throughout the day. My thoughts and my actions toward myself and others.

Some days upon reflection I feel unhappy about the way I handled situations or reacted to certain people and I always find the root of the problem back in myself. Lack of sleep-> Tired , Lack of exercise->agitated , lack of time for ME causes negative behavior toward the world. And in the bitter sweet wheel of Karma, comes back around to impact me in a negative way. So with the knowledge of cause and effect isn’t it better to flip that the other way around and breed positivity?


I ate my body weight in chocolate yesterday, no good fuel was fed into the engine. I usually have cold showers every day because they make me feel alive but this week I have fallen out of my usual health conscious, motivated routine. I’m feeling tired, groggy and grumpy. And that’s okay. I’m not gonna beat myself up over it. I’m human. I can start fresh tomorrow.

So stop and think about your own situations are you giving YOU enough time? Are you looking after your body? Be selfish and care about yourself for once. Feed both mind & body with the nutrients they deserve. The results of this will create a ripple effect in your life and I guarantee you will feel 10 times better.

Positive thoughts breed positive outcomes.




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